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cooperationSTAR - ESN Brno United

ESN MUNI Brno, ESN MENDELU and ESN VUT Brno - ESN Brno United

ESN Brno United includes three sections: ESN MUNI Brno, ESN MENDELU and ESN VUT Brno, all located in Brno, Czech Republic. Their cooperation dates back to 2011 when they started organising a traditional Czech ball for the international students in Brno. Since then, they have been organising many events of all kinds together such as sports, culture, mobility, educational, parties, etc. There are various reasons for this cooperation, for example, they want to connect the international students from their city or even to share the best practices and create a stronger team in terms of advocacy with their universities and also the city.

cooperationSTAR - ESN FINT and ESN INTO Tampere


ESN FINT and ESN INTO Tampere, the two sections in Tampere, have organised parties almost since the sections were founded. During 2019 due to the merger of the two universities in Tampere, the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology, many events and services had to be organised together and thus harmonised across campuses, for example, Orientation Week activities, the Starting Kit Service and the Welcome Bags project. After the universities merged, ESN INTO and ESN FINT cooperated more freely. During the Spring of 2019, they negotiated together about university funding for international associations’ and organised the Spring cottage weekend.

cooperationSTAR - ESN a Milano Unita

ESN Milano Bocconi, ESN Milano IULM, ESN Milano Statale, ESN Milano Unicatt, ESN Milano-Bicocca, ESN Politecnico Milano - ESN a Milano Unita

This cooperation that falls under the name of "ESN a Milano Unita" involves all six Sections from Milano: ESN Milano Bocconi, ESN Milano IULM, ESN Milano Statale, ESN Milano Unicatt, ESN Milano -Bicocca and ESN Politecnico Milano. "ESN a Milano Unita" was born in 2012, and is long-term cooperation. Their cooperation started when new groups of students began to join ESN at the beginning of the 00s, to then evolve into a structured section cooperation in 2012. In 2012, when ESN Milano Unicatt was officially admitted in the Network of ESN Italy, ESN a Milano Unita became a thing. Since then they have collaborated in countless successful events for their Erasmus students and for the Network too, for instance, AGM Milano 2014 or SWEP Milano 2017.

Honorable mentions for the cooperationSTAR

cooperationSTAR - French-German Cooperation Committee (FGCoopCom)

ESN France and ESN Germany - French-German Cooperation Committee (FGCoopCom)

The cooperation started with the creation of the first training event between ESN France and ESN Germany organised in 2013 by an ESNer from ESN Strasbourg. The event was called ISM (International Section Meeting) and since then the "tradition" has been launched with the creation of the – future called – French-German Section Meeting (FGSM). In 2015, both French and German NRs launched an open call in order to create a binational committee which would have taken care of the FGSM and the other projects (Buddy Sections Programme).