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educationSTAR - (EX)Change Your Lives

ESN Novi Sad - (EX)Change Your Lives- Event

The three-day long seminar (Ex)Change Your Lives gathered over 50 participants from various cities and countries to discuss the inclusivity of students with disabilities in exchange programmes as well as empowering volunteers of the Erasmus Student Network. At a time of transition in Serbia, from a partner to a programme country, support for volunteers is not only crucial in providing support to incoming students, but also to outgoing students who are facing an entirely new set of problems. Engaging in discussions about student mobility in the framework of social inclusion was the focus in a series of discussions, workshops, and small sessions all dedicated to educating the participants on topics such as mobility, education, volunteering, inclusivity, etc. The main event was a panel discussion that engaged a conversation between volunteers with different levels of knowledge and experience and students with disabilities.

educationSTAR - The contribution of ESN Spain to a better-funded Erasmus+ programme

ESN Spain - The contribution of ESN Spain to a better-funded Erasmus+ programme- Project

As the academic year of 2019/2020 is a crucial time for the future of the Erasmus+ programme, with the discussions about the next long term budget going on, and considering the different elements which are involved in shaping the programme both at a European and national level, the Education Department of ESN Spain wanted to contribute to achieve a better funded programme. Under this advocacy project, they came up with a number of actions which will target different Spanish decision makers at a European and National level, in order to ensure Spain’s support to a better funded future Erasmus programme and to increase the co-funding which Spain and the autonomous communities give to the programme, a crucial aspect to ensure its outreach and inclusivity. Under this project, ESN Spain undertook different kinds of actions, such as meetings with the education attachees of the permanent representation of Spain before the EU; signing a common position paper with the National Students’ Union and with the Spanish Conference of Rectors directed at the President of Spain

educationSTAR - Glocal Conference and Training

ESN Portugal - Glocal Conference and Training- Event

Glocal Conference and Training aimed at training the volunteers of ESN and youth of Castelo Branco on the topic of Global Citizenship at the local level. The event took place in the Higher Education Institution of Castelo Branco. It was a one-day event that counted with various externals talking about Global Citizenship, such as the Portuguese National Agency Erasmus+ Education and Training, Junior Enterprises (JE) Portugal and SPEAK Portugal. Additionally, the event counted with workshops under the local phase of the Eduk8 Workplan 2019 with the topic of Media Literacy. The activities were a workshop on Media Literacy, a workshop on Social Media, and a debate with the National Agency Erasmus+ Education and Training, SPEAK Portugal, Junior Enterprises Portugal and the participants about the role of Erasmus+ and NGOs glocally. Both workshops were developed by Eduk8, adapted for the participants and provided by one trainer of ESN Portugal’s pool of trainers.