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fundraisingSTAR - South Eastern European Platform Baku

ESN Azerbaijan - South Eastern European Platform Baku- Event

ESN Azerbaijan put a lot of effort into the organisation of SEEP which is one of the five regional platforms of ESN. In less than four months the OC managed not only to find sponsors and organise the event but to build a team as well. The OC managed to fundraise a total of 7,200 euro in cash, free sim cards and internet for the participants, free transportation and a city tour, promo materials and local sweets for the welcome bags. Their main partner Zeytun Baghlari provided the event with a VR set in which participants were able to play games and earn rewards from them, they also hired a professional cook who prepared their traditional meals for the International dinner. Of course, such an event would not have been the same without Responsible party, who provided coffee breaks, promo materials and photo booths during “HalloweenSEEP”.

fundraisingSTAR - Network Exchange Forum Milano Statale 2019

ESN Milano Statale - Network Exchange Forum Milano Statale 2019- Event

ESN Milano Statale collaborated with several partners for the organisation of Network Exchange Forum (NETx Milan 2019). The Network Exchange Forum Milan 2019 promoted growth in the field of human resources management, providing knowledge for Vice-presidents and helping to spread ideas. The event resulted in more prepared, better equipped, and higher capable HR managers that are aware of the regional differences in our network and the main issues we are addressing to expand and manage the quality of our countries and Sections. The event received patronage from the representation of European Commission in Italy and the Italian Youth National Agency (ANG). AIDP (Associazione Italiana Direttori del Personale) hosted a panel during the event with five HR experts. The OC also collaborated with Eurosender, Universita degli Studi di Milano and various associations such as Ecozema and RECUP which helped the event to be more sustainable. They managed to fundraise almost 7,000 euros in cash.

fundraisingSTAR - Fundraising to launch the Secretariat and to improve events for the international students

ESN Italy - Fundraising to launch the Secretariat and to improve events for the international students- Activity

During 2019, the National Board of ESN Italy worked hard in the field of fundraising, both from private and public partners and grants, to have the financial sustainability to launch its Secretariat. The objectives of this effort were to increase the national budget and to diversify the types of incomes, that before were mainly internal (ESNcards, membership fees, etc.). In this way, the association could save some reserves which gave it the possibility to open a Secretariat and to be sure it was going to be financed for at least the first year, while in the meantime looking for new projects. Being more precise, in 2019 ESN Italy managed to triple its budget, by receiving a total amount of around 20,000 euros from Institutions like the National Agency and the Rectors Conference, about 15,000 euros from private partners and most of all-around 80,000 euros from grants by ESAA and the European Commission.

Honorable mentions for the fundraisingSTAR

fundraisingSTAR - ESNcard Party

ESN Cracow UNITED - ESNcard Party- Event

ESNcard Party is an event in which ESN Cracow United promotes their local ESNcard partners. Each semester around 600 people attend this project. During the event unusual attractions such as a rodeo bull, a UV dance floor and several hundred glow sticks are provided. A paper wall with logos of their partners is specially prepared for the event, where people take pictures with special gadgets promoting the partners.