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mobilitySTAR - Internationalisation and Mobility Conference

ESN Serbia - Internationalisation and Mobility Conference- Project

The project Internationalisation on Mobility was envisioned as the first student-organised conference about the topic of student mobility in Higher Education. It consisted of two parts, the first one of which was conducting two national researches - Erasmus in Serbia where all three sections of ESN Serbia disseminated a survey about the experience of Erasmus students in Serbia. The survey gathered information about administrative barriers (visa, resident permits, etc), their academic and everyday experience and Student Mobility: motivation, barriers, and benefits - the survey was focused on the general student population in Serbia, targeting both mobile and non-mobile students. Both of the research surveys were designed and evaluated by ESN members with social sciences research backgrounds in order to achieve professional-level output. The second part of the project was a two-day conference where the results were debated with relevant stakeholders. The event gathered students, alumni of mobility programmes, academic and administrative staff to discuss the trends and issues of mobility programmes in Serbia.

mobilitySTAR - Erasmus in Estonian high schools

ESN Estonia - Erasmus in Estonian high schools- Programme

The main aim of Erasmus in Schools was to promote exchange studies through current Erasmus and international students or Estonians that have done Erasmus in local high schools. Before the visits, ESN Estonia promoted this opportunity among their members and international students and 2 informative sessions with short training took place both in Tallinn and Tartu. Each participant had a coordinator that helped with everything needed - gave all information regarding the visit, arranged the visit, etc. Participants also received a special reusable cloth "Erasmus in Schools" bag full of promo materials; checklist with all important information and reminders with what they have to do; Erasmus scholarship information and feedback form; and a document with tips for participants to help them prepare and be ready for the visit.

mobilitySTAR - Accessible Experiences Conference

ESN Turkey - Accessible Experiences Conference- Initiative

Accessible Experiences Conference is a project that was initiated in 2017 for the first time and is taken out every year in order to encourage people with physical obstacles to take part in the mobility programmes. It is a series of connected conferences since 2018 and the 3rd Accessible Experiences Conference has been organised this year. The aim of this project is to encourage people with physical obstacles to meet people that have the same obstacles and have experienced mobility programmes which is followed by informative sessions, presentations and discussion sessions on ways to improve the quantity and quality of the participation from disadvantaged backgrounds. As the aim is spreading the perspective about the mobility programmes of people with physical obstacles; which is the common belief of people not being able to and not being appropriate physically to participate in mobility programmes, which is wrong.

mobilitySTAR - #ErasmusDays

ESN Debrecen - #ErasmusDays- Activity

Over the course of four days ESN Debrecen organised a set of activities under the scope of the Mobility Cause. They started off with a Mobility Café, where the NA of the Erasmus+ Programme in Hungary, the colleague of the IRO and former Erasmus students shared information and experiences about the scholarship for studies. The Erasmus Days continued with a Mobility Fair on the next day, which ESN Debrecen had organised for the 21st time. 18 mobility organisations were present with their own stands, flyers, games and gadgets, and there were official presentations of ESN as well. On the last two days the volunteers organised Erasmus Breakfast events on four campuses in total, where free snacks, biscuits, coffee and tea were offered to the students who could ask about mobility programmes while enjoying a free breakfast on their way to class.

Honorable mentions for the mobilitySTAR

mobilitySTAR - ERASMUS yourself!

ESN Zagreb - ERASMUS yourself!- Programme

The ERASMUS yourself! programme was designed to encourage outgoing mobility of the University of Zagreb students. During the winter semester, 14 events took place – workshops, presentations, panels and info desks for information sharing and consultations. The focus was on the Erasmus+ programme and the possibilities of going to study or work abroad in order to increase student mobility and to achieve a higher percentage of European Commission objectives in the field of education and mobility.