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Network Award - Camp of Future

ESN CAG, ESN Turkey - Camp of Future- project

"As TPÖÇG Local Project Team and ESN ÇAĞ, our biggest dream is to leave a mark in people's hearts. So, we decided to do something for children living in disadvantaged areas. The main objective of the project is to create 'equal opportunities in education' for students in disadvantaged areas. The first region we identified for this was Mersin Mut's Yalnızcabağ village, where students study in primary and secondary schools. Afterwards, they go to different regions to study in boarding schools. The fact that the students who do not leave the village until the age of 13 or 14, go to different regions leads to many orientation and psychological problems. We started preparing this project to solve their orientation problems and to ensure equal opportunities in education. The project took place between the 17th and 20th of December. Together with 15 trainers and 1 psychologist, we trained a total of 78 children. - Children were educated under 4 main headings. These issues being: gender mainstreaming, health, social media and children's rights. - We designed 10 workshops for children, including science, painting, imagination, letter writing, creative writing, plant, environment, puppet making, bag design and drama workshops for these purposes. - We wanted to introduce different educational models to children. For this purpose, we provided training for expressing emotions and coping with self-esteem and anxiety with the non-formal education model. - We organised many book collection campaigns, and also opened a library for the kids. We prepared a memorial corner for the library. - On the last day of the project, we opened an exhibition for children's activities. And we invited their parents to school. We showed the parents the library and the exhibition."

Honorable mentions for the Network Award

Network Award - Christmas With Portuguese Families

ESN Portugal - Christmas With Portuguese Families- project

"Christmas with Portuguese Families gives international students, who weren't able to go home for the holidays, the opportunity to experience a true and traditional Portuguese experience with Portuguese families in their homes. Even people with different religious beliefs get together for this cultural exchange. It is enriching on every level. By experiencing the Christmas season in Portuguese homes, international students get the chance to learn about Portuguese traditions, from gastronomy to songs and from beliefs to decorations. At the same time, Portuguese families learn about the holiday traditions of countries from all over the world through the exchange happening with international students. By comparing traditions, both parties can learn and experience new things and become more understanding and global citizens. The project is managed by ESN Portugal, working together with the local sections in the promotion of the project to the international students and their Higher Education Institutions. Higher Education Institutions without local ESN sections were also contacted to give international students from all over the country the opportunity. A few local sections already developed this type of initiative in previous years; however, by centralising the project, it became possible to have a greater reach, impact and to improve cooperation between sections. The project was vastly promoted in the media. At the end of the project, feedback forms were sent to the participants to improve the project in the future."