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trainingSTAR - Social Inclusion Weekend Vaasa 2019

ESN Finland - Social Inclusion Weekend Vaasa 2019- Event

Social Inclusion Weekend Vaasa 2019 was a national training event with a comprehensive focus on the cause of Social Inclusion. The idea was to train and motivate Local Social Inclusion Coordinators with the help of an agenda consisting of team building activities, presentations, workshops and a social programme. The social programme of the event also had a subtext of training and educating - the participants had the opportunity to attend a Dinner in the Dark, in order to get a first hand-experience of participating in a typical Social Inclusion Event. The side idea of the training, besides the strong focus on Social Inclusion, was to create an event inspired by non formal-education and international Eduk8-events. Another part of the Eduk8-idea was also noticeable in the fact that the team of trainers consisted of two experienced trainers (part of the Eduk8-pool) and three new trainers who had all just completed Eduk8 Starter. Thanks to a successful funding and an ESAA-grant, the participants enjoyed the event without a participation fee.

trainingSTAR - Awareness Of The Disability

ESN CAG - Awareness Of The Disability- Project

Awareness of disability is a project that is still being developed. The training will last four months. During the training 20 volunteers will be provided with basic training on body language, sign language, first aid, psychological first aid, communication with people with disabilities, communication with children, privacy training, children rights, rights of the people with disabilities, introduction of Braille alphabet and discrimination and prejudice towards people with disabilities. The aim of the training is to help bring people with disabilities into society and to develop various motor skills by doing various activities with them. As the scope of the project, the target audience is young people - students, hearing-impaired individuals and visually impaired individuals.

trainingSTAR - Education Training 2019

ESN Romania - Education Training 2019- Event

The Education Training was a 2 day intensive learning-oriented event, organised for ESN volunteers. More specifically it was a non-formal learning event, with an agenda built around the concept of education in ESN, bringing together information about Erasmus+ mobility opportunities, collaboration with HEIs, stakeholders and how to interact with them. The second part of the event focused on soft skills development, but building around the same core idea. The set of workshops aimed to improve soft skills that are considered to be helpful when communicating with different stakeholders when promoting mobility. The workshops were chosen and designed to help participants to actively use the information received to implement the hard skills gained. The focal point was education and, particularly, the role ESN has in this field. The aim of the training was to develop both hard and soft skills, to discuss, to simulate real life cases and to take advantage of a perfect networking opportunity.

Honorable mentions for the trainingSTAR

trainingSTAR - National Training Plan 2020

ESN Portugal - National Training Plan 2020- Project/Strategy

The National Training Plan is developed every year as the strategy for the training of the volunteers of ESN Portugal. It encloses all the National Training Events, the local workshops and the Training Needs Analysis. The Training Needs are collected every year by the training team and are analysed. The needs are collected from a score of 1(not knowledgeable) to 7(fully knowledgeable) in different topics from writing a specific grant to working with photoshop. The Training Team analyses the results by area and by section. The analysis helps ESN Portugal prepare the training plan, which consists of national training events and local training sessions.

trainingSTAR - COM 101 Training Webinar

ESN Turkey - COM 101 Training Webinar- Project

COM 101 Training Webinar was a wide range of online training programmes about hard skills that are necessary for Communication Managers and anyone willing and motivated to learn more about graphic design, video editing, content writing and social media management. Participants were able to learn the basics of the specified topics while they were getting encouraged to do and improve themselves more on these topics in the future.